Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Travel Declaration Form

Hi everyone,

I hope that all of you are healthy and well. School is reopening on Monday, 29 June. I have contacted all of you/your parents today and found out your travel history for the June Holidays. Do take note that a new Travel Declaration Form has been mailed to your home address. Please check your letterbox for it. (Let me know if you have not received by Friday) Your parents are required to fill up the new form. Do remember to bring the form and your digital thermometer on Monday. Don't forget to put them in your schoolbag!

When you reach school on Monday, there will be a visual check at the security point. For those of you are well, you will proceed to the classroom. For those who are unwell, you will be directed to the screening station. (If you are unwell, do see a doctor and stay at home.)

So, remember to bring these things on Monday.
(1) New Travel Declaration Form
(2) Thermometer
(3) Homework

Meanwhile, practise good personal hygiene.

Miss R

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