Monday, July 13, 2009

Journal Writing T3W3 : Effects of Preventive Measures on Pupils

Hi Everyone,

Since we returned to school two weeks ago, we have to take our temperature twice a day. Some of the pupils could not return to school because they were on leave of absence. Some of our CCA and other activities have been cancelled or postponed. In this week's reflection, I would like you to discuss how all these have affected you.

I have listed some questions below to help you with your reflection:
1. What do you think of the school's preventive measures for H1N1 such as temperature-taking, no assembly in the hall, cancellation of remedial lessons, CCA and other activities?
2. Which activities have affected you?
3. How has the cancellation of these activities affect you in your learning?
4. Do you think the school is less interesting now? Why?
5. Are you relationship with your friends and teachers affected? If 'yes', in what way/s?
6. What do you do with the extra time you have now?
7. Are you activities outside school affected?

Stay healthy!

Miss R


  1. I think that the school"s preventive measures help to ward against H1N1.The assembly has taken effect on me as now,the hall has installed the air-con.No the cancellation has not affected my learning.I don"t think that the school is less interseting as it is still the same.Same for the relationship with my friends.I do have tution during my free time.The activies outside the school has not affected me.

  2. i think that the school's preventive measures for H1N1 is good but there is still not much help to the situation because when we cough, we did not immediately wash our hands and we might went to touch the door handles, the switches and ETC... as a result, the other person also touched those things, they will also get the virus. and also report says that H1N1 is not only having fever then you have to send home but coughing is the main culprit spreading all the virus around. i think that the activities did not affect me because i am having PSLE this year and even my CCA techer also does not let me go.i am in Guitar CCA therefore it does not affect me if i do not go CCA.

  3. I think its reasonable as we have to avoid any assemblies as we obvious;y have t avoid the virus from spreading any further than it already has. The cancellation of CCAs and assemblies have affected me as I can immediately go to class and forget about going to the hall and I can also go back home early for some well-deserved shut-eye. Even though I can go back home earlier, I feel that it affects my learning for my CCA. I think the school is still as interesting now as there are no changes in the school except for the cancellations of classes, CCAs and assemblies. My relationships with my classmates and teachers are still the same. I normally use my extra time to get some sleep as i don't get enough sleep at night. My activities are not affected as those activities are on the weekends!

  4. The school's preventive measures for H1N1 help to reduce the chance of infected H1N1.Taking temperature has affect me as i think that we do not need to take temperature twiceas we take it in the morning and we are at school from the first temperature taking to the second temperature taking as it delayed the lesson.
    The cancellation do not affect me as the lesson still continue as usual.The school is less interesting as they reduce the outing because of H1N1.The relationship with my friends are not affect.With extra time,i go to my student care to do my revision and they help me with my revision.
    The activities that i have do not affect.

  5. I think that cancelling CCAs, going to the classrooms straight etc may be helpful but not that much. Well, think of it this way. After school, when we're released to go home, everyone would gather at the school gate, bus stops etc. During recess, the level would also gather together and eat at the same place. The utensils in the canteen may not have been washed well too. gotta go back to class. :P

  6. To me,
    the cancellation of going to the hall is still okay.
    But,for the CCAs,and other activities
    they are not very good to me as some pupils take advantage of this by lying to their parents that they have the activities in school and playing outside the school when they are supposed to be in school or at home.
    It did not really affect me in any ways...