Thursday, June 4, 2009

Motivational Trip - East Coast Park

Hi everyone,

I hope you have enjoyed yesterday's trip to East Coast Park. Although it was raining at the beginning, I am glad that you did not let that dampen your spirit. If you carry on with that attitude, I am sure that all of you will do well for your PSLE. Meanwhile, do make use of this June holiday to revise your work so that you will be ready for the challenges ahead of you. Don't forget to have enough rest and play too. Take care of yourself! See you next term!

Here are the photos of the trip...enjoy! :)

Miss R


  1. i really enjoyed the trip to East Coast was very fun and i get to bath in the rain.that is the very first time i bath in the rain.Building a sand volcano is as hard as holding a huge stone for an hour...and we even get to eat mcdonalds,french fries ,burger, and pepsi...i love it.that is the best day of my life this year...better than staying at home all the time being scolded...

  2. I like it.You get to do whatever you want like stay in mac,ride bicycle or anything you like.I would rather be outside at public places than staying at home to do work.

  3. On the 3rd of june~we went to East Coast Park for our motivational trip.I remember playing a game Miss R. suggestedWe started with beach ball...but the wind was too strong and we were having trouble catching the ball...Next, we played monkey with the ball.Then we started playing the game Miss R. suggested,there is a tree branch in the middle of 2 groups,there are 7 of us in each group.We also numbered ourselves from 1-7.Qian Yi has to call out a number from 1-7 and the person with the nuber has to grab the tree branch and run back to your group =)~Offline :D