Sunday, February 22, 2009

T1W8 Journal Writing: Reading

Hi everyone,

Every morning, we have silent reading. Pupils read a variety of books and magazines. Reading is a habit. The more you read, the more you want to read. In this week's journal writing, I would like you to reflect on the importance of reading and its influence on you. As usual, I will list some questions below to help you with the journal writing.

1. Why do you think the school gets the pupils to read every morning?
2. Do you like it? Why?
3. Do you like reading? Why?
4. What kinds of books do you like to read?
5. Do you think reading will help you with your school work? Why?
6. How can the school encourage pupils to read?
7. Could you recommend a book you really like to read? Write the author and tell us why you like to read his/her book?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Miss R

Monday, February 16, 2009

T1W7 Journal Writing: Activities Outside School

Hi everyone,

Many pupils are involved in lessons outside school. They include tuition, music, art, ballet, swimming, Sinda classes, religious lessons and so on. There are just too many activities for me to list them. For this week's journal writing, I would like you to reflect on your involvement in all the activities outside school. To help you with your writing, I have listed some questions below:

1. What are the activities you are involved in outside school from Monday to Sunday?
2. How many days do you spend on these activities?
3. How many hours do you spend in each of these activities?
4. Why are you involved in these activities?
5. Do you think these activities are necessary for you? If 'Yes', how have these activities help you? If 'No', why are you taking part in these activities?
6. Do you think these activities affect your school work/studies? If so, how?
7. Do you feel stressed with all these activities? Explain.
7. In your opinion, do you think pupils should be involved in outside school activities? Why?

Eagerly waiting for your responses. :)

Miss R

Monday, February 9, 2009

T1W6 Journal Writing: Passion for Learning

Hi everyone,

Following last week's topic on 'Target setting', we will reflect on passion for learning this week. Since this is the value for the month of February, I hope this journal writing will enable you to give this value some thought.

To assist you in writing your reflection, I have listed some questions for you to ponder:

1. What do you understand by 'passion for learning' ?
2. Why do you think it is necessary for people to have a passion for learning?
3. Do you know of any family members, famous people, relatives or friends with a passion for learning?
4. How do they show their passion for learning?
5. Do you think you have a passion for learning now? If 'Yes', why? If 'No', why?
6. What can you do to develop your passion for learning?

I'm eagerly waiting for your responses. :)

Miss R

Monday, February 2, 2009

T1W5 Journal Writing: Target Setting

Hi everyone,

We have set our targets for the various subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science and Mother Tongue. For this week, I would like you to reflect on this exercise. Here are some questions to guide you in your response:

1. What is the purpose of setting targets for the various subjects?
2. Do you think this is useful? If 'Yes', why? If not, why?
3. How did you go about setting the targets for yourself?
4. What are you doing to help you achieve your target? Do you have a plan? If so, what is it?
5. How are your parents helping you achieve your targets?
6. What will you do to motivate yourself towards achieving the targets?
7. How do you think your teacher/the school can help you achieve the targets?

Looking forward to hearing from all of you! :)

Miss R