Thursday, June 4, 2009

Long-awaited photos of the Science Centre Trip

Hi everyone,

Remember our learning journey to the Science Centre on 28 April 2009 where we learned more about the ecosystem. It was raining that day so we could not go to the eco-pond to get samples of pond life. Nevertheless, Miss Hazel, the lab assistant brought up a pail of pond water which contained plenty of organisms for all of you to examine under the microscope. It was an enlightening experience, I must say! What did you like about the trip?

Here are the photos to jolt your memory...

Miss R :)


  1. I think that the trip was very enlighting as we could learn more about the organisms.I liked the trip as I could roam around the science centre.

  2. the trip is okay.I can learn a lot of thyings like aquatic plants.It is a good trip that we can tackle more difficult questions.

  3. Well, I did not go for both this trip and the east coast park trip, so I will not give my comments for them.
    Kim Tian

  4. I think the trip was very Fun!!!!!I liked the part where i looked at the pond animals.

  5. The trip to the science center is quite disappointing as we did not get to go to the pond to catch our own aquatic animals...but still it was still educational...