Thursday, June 4, 2009

Reflection on SA1 Performance

Hi Everyone,

The SA1 is over. Some of us have done well while others have not. For this week, I want you to reflect on your performance in this SA1. To help you do that, I will list some questions for you to ponder over:

1. Do you think you have done well in this semester? If 'Yes', what factors contribute to your success? If 'No', what factors contribute to your poor performance?
2. Do you think the remedial or enrichment classes in school were useful? If 'Yes', why? If 'No', why?
3. If you have home tuition (either by tutors/parents/relatives/etc), do you think this has been useful in improving your results? If 'Yes', why? If 'No', why?
4. What actions would you take to improve on your results after SA1?
5. What actions do you think the school should take to help you with your performance after the SA1?

Looking forward to hearing your sincere reflections...

Miss R


  1. I cannot really say whether if I did well or not since I treated the exam as a everyday thing. Sure, I was nervous when the exam started, but I did not do any revision and I soon forgot about the questions.I do not really study as I prefer to do last minute work as before the exam, even if it is a few days ago, I do not feel the stress and need to study. I know that it is not a good thing, but well, I get very distracted and cannot study well as I feel that I still have alot of time to study and take it easy if the exam is not a next day thing.

  2. I don"t think that I have done well in my examination.The factors are the English and Maths.The remeidials were helpful as it helped me in my studies.I have home tuition as my mother wants me to work hard.

  3. I half-did well half-dident do well because my science and higher chinese I think not bad but chinese and maths i dont think I did well.english medium.I hope i will improve this term not de-prove

  4. I don't think i have done well in SA1 last term because i fail 1 subject which is science and all the homework which Miss R gave me.I got almost all the questions wrong...But now in this term,i feel that i have done better, at least i got stickers again and the english revision paper i actually passed but just pass...While my chinese is improving through studying and remidials.

  5. I have done well this semester because I improve my science and chinese and ranked 11 in the class.last semester I was 13.Th enrichment class were useful because I have improved some of my subjects.Home tuition was useful because I have improved.I will revise my work and read more books.

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  7. I don't think that I have done well this sememster as I did not really did well for my higher MT and English.I think the remedial and enrichment classes in school were useful as I have improve marks for the SA1 results as compared to my CA1 results.I will work harder than before to get a better results in the coming CA2 Exam

  8. I don't think i have done well in my SA1,should have planned my time better...maybe my results will be better :D
    The remedial and enrichment classes are fine with some are educational...i did not go for any other classes other than the normal lessons we have on Mondays and Wednesdays,so for
    this question i cant really answer it...
    I will have to do more revisions and study harder to improve my psle is coming in 3 months...
    -Karen :D

  9. I have not really done well in this semester...and i think that i had only put in 80.5% of my effort...I had not been saying 'no' to my friends...and not really put in all of my effort...i think that the remedial or enrichment classes in school and tuition were useful as i had learnt more things from them.I would learnt to say 'no' and put in all of my effort to improve my results.The school can organise learning journeys to let the students know more things(nothing to do with textbooks) and continue the same thing(supplementary classes).