Monday, July 20, 2009

Reflection T3W4: Cyber Addiction

Dear Cyber Kids,

I would like to share my personal experience on Cyber Addiction. For the past few weeks, I have been playing a game called “Waka-Waka”on the facebook, an improvised version of Pac-man. I have always enjoyed playing Pac-man since I was young. Soon, I was addicted to the game unknowingly.Negative behaviours such as spending too much time on the game and possessing the urge to play the game soon surfaced. My ultimate goal is to be the first on the score board. However after about a week, I realised that something was amiss. I wasn’t spending enough time with my family members. I began to reflect on the purpose of playing the game and how it has affected my daily routine. I came to understand the importance of having a balanced lifestyle and spending time with my family members. Now, I'll only play the game if I've completed my work and limit myself to at most 30 minutes of gaming every day.

That’s my story. What about yours? Share your experience on computer gaming and how you tried/ will be trying to overcome Cyber Addiction. Do make use of the following questions for your reflection.

What is your favourite computer game?

How many hours a day do you spend on playing computer games?

How has it affected your daily routine?

What can you do to prevent Cyber Addiction? What advice would you give to your friend who is a game addict?

(The above posting is from the Cyberwellness team)

Miss R


  1. My favourite game is Pet Soicety on face book.I spend about 15 minutes on the computer which I find it is too little.It hasn"t affected my daily routine as I spent only 15 minutes.I can spend lesser time on the computer.

  2. Erm. I used to play the games on facebook too but now, i don't play them any longer. I still use facebook but I spend lesser time on it as there are fewer things to do without playing games. Now, i still do go on facebook everyday but I try to limit myself and to not play games as it can make me concentrate on it too much. My rankings on facebook also dropped ALOT.

    Now, I use the computer for watching movies or drama series on youtube, facebook, msn & Itunes. Those are the 4 things I do on the computer, no games :)

    I usually use the computer for about.. 1-2 hrs a day if i do not have much homework :P

  3. I am going to say what I truly feel and what I truly do since there is no point lying as my friends know too much about me on this topic. First, I usually play computer games from when i get back from school to about 5-7pm during school days before. Now, as an attempt to stop me from playing, my mother set a password on my computer, and limited my time to only 1hr a day. I know that since this is PSLE period, 1hr a day is alot, but I still feel VERY bored when i get home. So, I start to play my PSP,PS2,gameboy,etc. Although, during the weekends, I play computer games from 7am-10pm.
    It is about 14hr if you - off my diner and breakfast time(I eat lunch and watch a anime).
    The games I play differs weekly or monthly. Since I have lots of playing time, I usually get bored of a game fast. Thus,I have no fixed game to play. If I have no more games to play, I watch animes(japanese cartoons). The problem with this is, I usually eat and watch, which make me fatter than I already am. Thus, I play my PSP and watch to occupy my hands.I do make a point to do some of my homework at home during the weekends though.That is, of course, if I wake up before 7am. otherwise, I might do my work and play games, which will affect the standart of my work as I usually leave questions 1/2 done and forget about it and go on to the next question.
    As for advice, I probably can't give any as I am a addict as well, and I believe the only person who is worst than me is my brother, whom plays till 5-6am after midnight. He says that he is a nocturnal animal, but even owls sleep...He often skips school as he has no energy to go when he does not sleep. He skips about 3 days a month.
    Kim Tian

  4. My Favourite computer game is Megaman Star force 3 Red Joker.It is a Nintendo Ds game but I play it in computer.I spent almost 4 hours playing this game on weekends when I can only play for 2 hours..Well I don't think that it has affected me in my daily routine as I have made a time table to know what I should do.I can prevent Cyber Addiction by not playing my computer.I would tell my friends who is a game addict to know the seriousness of him being an addict as it will affect your studies and your relationship with your friends and family would be affected.

  5. My favourite computer 'game' is Facebook. it is not games but more on applications.
    i play MouseHunt and Barn Buddy. i spend more than 5 hours playing did not affect my daily routine as i finished my homework before i on my laptop and if my friends or siblings ask me to cycle or swim with them i will just let go of the mouse and play with them. although i spend almost half a day on computer, i still will take a break and do the things i am suppose to finish. On Facebook, the is also educational games such as Word challenge. it help me to improve my English which i am not good at is a bit like scrabble. it is also fun when i tried to beat my friends on the scoreboard and everytime when the time is up i always like jump and say 'aiya!' haha. okay thats all.i got no advice to my friends who is a game addict as i am one of them.

  6. Well, I don't really play computer game as my parent don't allow me to.However, they said that I can play computer games after my PSLE.I think we should only use 30 minute per day when we play computer game(to prevent cyber addiction.)If my friend is a game addicter, I will advice her to stop playing too much computer games or any other electronic games.I will also tell her play some outdoor game to quit the habit of playing computer game.

  7. I have a lot of favourite computer games.
    But the top 3 are
    I got 4 bad habits that i have to stop.
    1)Sitting in front of the computer screen for too long.
    2)Leaving the computer on and do my work
    3)Prefers to stay at home instead of going out of my house
    4)Not stopping the game unless i meet the max "level"
    I spend more than 4hours at the computer once it is on and on it almost everyday.
    I used to have the computer on for 18hours a day and its a habit i stopped.
    Now,I only let myself on the computer when i am done with my homework after Miss R spoke to me.
    It did not affect my daily routine as its is my routine and i know i have to change it.
    I do not have anything to say to the other cyber addicts other then me as i am one of them.

  8. I have alot of computer games that I like like Warlord call to arms, Bombit2, Maplestory, Rise of Atlantis,Raft Wars Samurai Sam,Junkbot, Need for Madness,Age of speed, Battlefield Genaral,Turbocharged Penguin,Onslaugt 2,Age of War Territory War,Swords and sandals 2,Playing with fire,Tanks and Fight For the Glorton and Chaos Faction and Avatar arena,Gold Miner and all that.Since I only once a week for half an hour,I don't really have much time to get addicted =).So I'm glad that it doesn't affect me much although I wish my computer time can be made longer so that I can play more games on the game websites.How could I play that dump of games in half an hour?
    I don't really know what to say to a game addict as they just turn a deaf ear to what most people say.

  9. I thought we have to post this week's reflection on our own blog not the class blog?

  10. my favorite game is a game called mafia wars it is on facebook and i think it is rather exciting as there are stuff that are really cool