Monday, March 9, 2009

T1W10 Journal Writing: Sports and School Sports Day

Hi everyone,

The Sports Day is over. I hope you had an enjoyable time participating in the sports or supporting your friends in action. In our journal writing for this week, I would like you to reflect on our Sports Day and the meaning of sports in our lives. To help you with writing your reflection, I have listed some questions below:

1. Did you attend our School Sports Day? If so, how did you find it? If not, why did you not attend our school event?
2. What do you think is the most interesting part of the School Sports Day? Why?
3. What do you think is the most uninteresting part of the School Sports Day? Why?
4. How can the school improve on the School Sports Day?
5. Do you think engaging in sports is important and useful? If so, why? If not, why?
6. Do you engage in any sports? If so, what do you do? If not, why have you not engaged in it?
7. How can sports help us?
8. If your were the principal of the school, what would you do to encourage pupils to engage in sports?

Well, there is a lot for your to reflect on. I am eagerly looking forward to reading your reflection.

Miss R


  1. i wish i had never gone to the track and field meet.I had never ever won an award before(in my life)but this year in Anderson Primary School i will have to compete with my sister by winning awards in schoolas long as it is medals or tropies in 1st,2nd or 3rd,i will be very very happy...But when i run in the Track and Field meet and in the high jump final,i did not win any medals and i keep thinking that i have just only waste my effort in doing this sports...I am just so sad about it :( Please let me get a medal...God bless me...


  2. Yes I attended the sports day.I like to watch sprinting so I watched all the events and the relay. i also cheered for my house! i do not really know but maybe the school can put in more fun activities. to me engaging in sports is useful. My father told me that I can keep fit and it will also help me exercise discipline.I love sports. although i am not engaged in any sports, i play few kinds of sports. I will tell them the positive things of sports.
    From your dear student, Hung Jiang.

  3. I have not gone for the sports day as I had a stomache ache ion that day. so I do not know what is the most interesting or uninteresting thing in the sports dayI think that sports can let us relax and have fun(not in my case though...)
    Kim Tian

  4. I have attended the sports day and ruby got last!I so disaapionted every year last.The most interesting part of sports day is the ball games.It gave Ruby so much points but we still got last.I think having more games for those who did not participate in sports day can improve the facilities of sports day.I think sports is important as it help us exercise and strengthen ourselves.I did not engage in any sport even though i was faster than a lot of Ruby`s who participate but mrs yap did not choose me.If i was the principle of the school,i would talk to them about all those4 fun we can have in sports every morning to encourage them to participate in sports.
    By:chiu ching hong

  5. I attended the School Sports Day.I find it fun,enjoyable and tired from the cheering and shouting.I think that the most interesting part of that day is cheering.I am not fast enuf to run as it is obvious so I I need to be supportive as it makes me feel like being supportive.there's no uninteresting part of the event as it is all fun.I think that engaging in sports is important and useful as it keeps us fit and healthy but do not strain urself.I engaged in Soccer.It is fun as most of my fwends play soccer so theres no way I do not like it.Well,If I were a principal of the school,I would of coz wish everybody gd luck and do ur best!

  6. I attended sports day and i am really impressed with this event.I found the cheering part most interesting as i got to contribute in it as i did not run.The most uninteresting part was when the runners was running as it was boring.I was actually helping the Green Club in the collection and I was the leader!
    I think that APS can improve by creating more fun games for us to play(even though i won't be in APS anymore).I think that sports can keep us fit and will help by preventing us from diseases.
    I did not enter any events because i was too slow, compared to the others!
    If i was the principal,I would encourage the students by asking them to exercise more and have 2 periods of PE than 1 period!

    Keith Low.
    LOL to everyone!

  7. i think sports day is very nice but i can't believe ruby came in last.lim ping is very good. qian yi was running and the bad news is , she came in last.the balls were really... nice.

  8. I attended Sports Day.It was exciting & of course tired(for cheering,luckily Karen bought strepsils).Interesting part:The ball game-finally we can take part in a game.Topaz dropped the ball because the P3 & 4 kept on hiiting the ball to the grass!!!It's suppose to hit it up towards the grand stand but they did the opposite.My friends & i were furious with them because it was hard to hit the beach balls up & away from the grass when we were sitting in the front!The sun was shining madly at us & we cannot change sit.The school can improve by letting more students sit at the back under the shade.Sports can help us to be fit & healthy.If i were the principal,i would allow the 2 front rows to be empty & the others at the back.

  9. Hello to all out there reading this lame post.I love sports day so of course i attended.I found it...too hot!!!!!!The most interesting part of sports day was when we played ball.The most uninteresting part was when we had to cheer.It was so hot and I screamed my head off.I only run when I have too or else I never run.It can of course help us to exercise.If I was the principal, i will not make the sports day such a hot day and tell every one to bring umbrellas because it was too hot!!!!!!Bye for now!!!

  10. It was interesting and funny. I think the big ball game is the most interesting because it is fun. The most uninteresting part is when i was dressed up like a stupid clown and humiliated in front of the rubys. The school had insert new games like the big ball game. If i were the principal, i would... well, i don't know...

  11. It was so fun!!!!I participated in sports day and got a gold for the 4 times 100 metres.Well, saphire has won like a million times and it will continue.The most interesting part was when we needed to keep the beach ball in the air.It was also very funny when Mr Tan helped saphire to play the game.bye!!!

  12. I attended the School Sport day and I found it quite fun. The most interesting part of the School Sports day is when I saw Atika being the mascot of Ruby. It looked horribily humilating but she did'nt look thst way.I feel for her. I think that sports can help us to relieve stress. But I am not engaged in any sports.

  13. ZZZ,it was a mess there and I hate those fools shouting,z.It is always sapphire who win and there is no suprise at all!I hate Sports day!

  14. Yes,I have attended the Sports Day and I found it fun.I think the most interesting part was when we play the rolling ball and we must prevent the 2 balls from falling onto the grass.I think the school can organise more games so that the spectators who is not running will not be bored.I think engaging in sports is important as sports is also a subject and by playing sports,we can also reduce our stress.If I was the principle of Anderson Primary School,I would engage my students in attending sports by giving them goodie bags or girts and I will tell them earlier the games that we will be organising which I think it will be quite interesting.

  15. I attend the sportday last was ok.the most interesting part is playing with the balls and the most lame part was sitting under the hot sun doing nothing.The school can improve on the activties.I think sport is important as we need to exercise.If i am the principal i will tell the P.E teacher to think of more activties.

  16. i did attend the event but i hate it there is no interesting about the event everything is the most uninteresting they could hold it in new zealand and have diving,bungee jumping,snow boarding and parachuting no as long as we eat nutricous food we will be fine,i dunno sports in a way helps us by letting us let go of everything in our mind save our exersises such as wat they said in the newspaper i will give them $1 000 000 million if they exersise

  17. I did attend our School Sports Day and I find it very exciting .I think the cheering is the most interesting part of the School Sports Day ,because we want our team Topaz to win the race .I don't think there is any uninteresting part of the School Sports Day .i think they should provide more games to improved the School Sports Day .I think engaging in sports is inportant and useful as it can make us healthy .I do engage in sports such as cycling .Sports can help us relax when we are stress .If I were the principle of the school ,i will provide more sports to encourage pupils to engage in sports .

  18. I attend the sports day.i find it interesting.The ball thing is the most interesting part of the school sports day.I can earn points for my house.The waiting part is the most uninteresting part of the sports day.I have nothing to do.The school does not need to improve further.Engaging in sports is useful because you can keep fit.sports can decrease our weight.I would encourage them if I am the principal.

  19. I attend our School Sports Day.I find it good.The most interesting part of the School Sports Day is the ball game.
    8. If I were the principal of the school, I not let the pupils to engage in sports.

  20. I attended our school's Sports Day and I found it fun and tiring...
    I think that the most interesting part of the school Sports Day was when we got to play with those gigantic balls...though I did not get to play with "them" as I was doing my prefect duty.n the grandstand...(sigh)
    The worst part was when the Sun shone mercilessly on everyone...and everybody started to perpire...and everyone started to stink and...(YUCK!)
    I think that the school should not only provide the students with refreshments...but also some electronic fans or wooden fans...(if the school thinks that electronic fans are too costly...)
    Sports is important.It helps us to maintain a healthy lifestyle(...apart from having a well-balanced diet...)
    If I were the principal of the school, I would encourage more pupils to get encouraged in sports by creating more CCA's related to sports...

  21. Yeah! Sapphire won again! :) Few years in a row :)

    Last friday we went to the YCK Stadium to attend the track-and-field meet. Yes, i did attend the sports day but i was not one of the participants.

    It was so sunny. :P The most interesting part of the sports day was the activities we did and the cheering. The most uninteresting part of the sports day is sitiing there doing nothing, looking at my watch waiting for time to fly.

    If i were the principle.. I would engage more fun activities in sports such as NetB, BasketB, etc.

    byee! :D

  22. I attended the Sports Day. It was very hot even if it had rained the day before the Sports Day. I liked the event playing with the gigantic beach balls. Out of the 3 rounds played, one of the ball in Ruby Went out of course 2 rounds. It was not that fun as I was not running. Well, Ruby came in last for the overall score. The school should put some games on the middle of the track for us to enjoy. If I were the principal, I would do that.

  23. i attend the sport day and find that it was fun.MY favourite event of running is the 4-100m race. The race is very exciting .My favourite part are the anderson wave and playing with the huge ball.

  24. Sapphire Did won again. got win or never win it doesn't concern about me. cause i did not get the share..:D I participated in 300m , 600m and 4x100m.i was out of breath almost died.(like real) when running for 600m. the most interesting when the big beachball was introduced.I did not even touch the ball. but it is fun shouting around. the most uninteresting part is to sit there sun-tanning. I got a bit tan on my face.after all. It is fun.


  25. I was quite disppointed with the result on we lost in the competition but i was glad that at least i cheer for my team,it was very hot and i stand at the near the hot sun,the pupils already conplaining that it was very hot at the back of the stage can you imagin that i was stand right in front of the hot sun??? And cheering for the team,i can see that the ruby team was trying very hard to cheer for the team,but the runner was losting so the team gets so disppointed with the result started to not cheering for the team anymore! We start the speech to encourage the team to cheer for our team,i was very angry when i found out that the other team were coping our speech,we put in effort to create a speech but they just copied our speech without puting effort and we put in alot of effort to convince the team to follow the speech....... Lastly i must say although we do not win the competition but we know that at least we tried our best to kept the team united!!! After this sport day,i found out that we became more united although we did not win this competition.

  26. I did not went to the event as I was sick on that day. i think the most intresting part of the event is the games. From my past experiences, Ithink the cherring part is the least interesting. I think sport is good for us as it kepp us fit and healthty everyday!

  27. I did attend our sports day and found it rather interesting. The most interesting part of the sports day was when we play the passing of the huge beach ball as we needed cooperation, self discipline and team work in order to make the passing of the ball a success. I think the most uninteresting part of the sports day was to watch those who participated run. There were so many races and the weather was so warm. I think those who did not participate could have a break by having more games to play during sports day. Yes, that will make it a more successful sports day. I think engaging in sports is important and useful as we can practice our self- discipline, passion for learning, Integrity, courage, excellence and sincerity and have fun at the same time. I do not engage in sports as I have a tight timetable and do not have time for sports. I would organize more sport activities.

  28. I like some types of sports- perhaps swimming, bowling and golf. However, I detest some sports (most of the sports actually)- running, basketball, soccer, etc. There was once, when I'm at a stadium, Sports Day took place.

    Sports Day is an sports event (of course). There are lots of events and this happens in Anderson Primary School annually. Sports Day is very fun, but I don't run. I only watch those runners run (of course runners run!).

    As a non-runner, I cheered for my house. Okay, not the place where you are living in, but your team. My "house" is Topaz. Yeah, yellow-coloured gem. WOW! The school can improve on Sports Day by putting in an air-conditioner for us. That's all that I want to request! AN air-con, only 1, 1 and only 1!

    Sports can build up our Stamina! It can stop us from having myopia, okay, actually going outdoors to play will help reduce the presence of myopia. If you hate myopia, then GREAT!

    That's all for now!