Monday, February 9, 2009

T1W6 Journal Writing: Passion for Learning

Hi everyone,

Following last week's topic on 'Target setting', we will reflect on passion for learning this week. Since this is the value for the month of February, I hope this journal writing will enable you to give this value some thought.

To assist you in writing your reflection, I have listed some questions for you to ponder:

1. What do you understand by 'passion for learning' ?
2. Why do you think it is necessary for people to have a passion for learning?
3. Do you know of any family members, famous people, relatives or friends with a passion for learning?
4. How do they show their passion for learning?
5. Do you think you have a passion for learning now? If 'Yes', why? If 'No', why?
6. What can you do to develop your passion for learning?

I'm eagerly waiting for your responses. :)

Miss R


  1. I understand that passion for learning is to do every thing whole-heartedly and always be excited in every thing you do.
    I think that a family should have passion to bring their bonds together.
    I cousin, who is very clever, has passion for learning as he always does his work fast but diligently and he shows it by completing his secondary schoo0l work and hardly gets a cross on his paper!
    I think that i have passion for learning and i think that i must have passion for learning cause this year is PSLE year.
    I will continue to work hard and do my work diligentlyto achieve good results,which will be my reward for earning passion for learning!

    Keith Low

  2. I think that passion for learning is a feeling which makes us want to know more, get more infomation. I have an uncle who has a passion for learning. He always likes to learn new things and is willing to risk many things to do so.
    Kim Tian

  3. i think that passion for learning is to have a interest in learning and therefore to improve and strive what u can as since we already have a key to learning in other words success too.

    Brandon Loh

  4. Passion for learning is to do more work and research off school time.
    Play Less
    Act More
    Seek Help If Don't Not Understand, Don't Be
    Scared To Ask
    It Won't Kill Just To
    Open Your Mouth
    Not For Talking Purposes

  5. this week,my teacher told me to write about passion for learning,Passion for learning is an important thing that a student needs,if we do not have it,no it is impossible that no one has it coz I believe that everybody has that

  6. I think that having passion for learning is when you have the excitment to learn something.I have a Aunt who had passion for learning for Music.She started playing it at the age of 9.

  7. I think that passion for learning is doing things wholeheartedlyI think everyone must have passion for learning. I think all my relatives have passion for learning in their work if not they will be scolded by their bosses.I think I have a little bit of passion for learning.I think that i must try to have passion for learning.

    by hung jiang

  8. I think that passion for learning is a feeling of excitment that you really enjoyed it. My aunt who liked to cook,she is willing to learn and she puts in alot of effort to learn it.

  9. Hello!!!.This week the post is about passion for learning.I think passion for learning is about having a hunger for learning.You will keep asking about learning and questions that stay in your mind until it is answered.I think it is necessary because you can go to good schools and be successful in the future.No. I do not have any relatives with a passion for learning except for my parents who continuously bug me to study hard.They show it by reading,researching and studying.I think I have a little bit of passion for learning especially when its about animals and wildlife.To develop passion for learning,I must listen to my teacher attentively,do my H.W punctually and asking about things I don't understand.That is all I will say for now.Thanks for listening.

  10. I think passion for learning is having the feeling to find more information about something .My mother who learn how to cook is putting lots and she is improving alot .

  11. I think passion for learning is having the feeling to find more information about it.
    my brother ivan lim xuan ming was once a lazy good for nothing but now look at all the awards(you know about that don't you)he won
    so take him as a role model

  12. I think it's finding more information about something,asking more about it & never gives up even if you fail to understang that 'thing'.Passion for learning helps us to achieve success as we put in the effort to find more about it so we achieved it.Beethoven:Although he turned deaf,he loves & have a passion for music and composed songs without hearing the music!I think i have a passion for learning as i sometimes find out more about what the teacher teached in class,example,SS.I can developed it by finding more about something i am interested in it.

  13. Passion for learning means that we must have the keen on learning and never give up. It is because giving up means "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail". A famous person that has paxssion for learning is Thomas Edison. He will ask many questions when he does not understand. To develop passion for learning, we must work hard to strive for our goals.

  14. I tihnk passion for learning is very important as without it, we cannot learn anything.

  15. Plan your time
    Ask for help(if needed)
    Study and revised
    Strive for excellence
    Increase your knowledge by reading books
    Never give up

    This is what I think passion for learning is about. -Crystal