Monday, January 19, 2009


Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the class blog! :)

I hope that all of you have had a good start to the year. This is a crucial year for all of us...the year that you are sitting for PSLE. (Yes, I'm sure you've had many people reminding you of it.)On top of that, you have a new form teacher. You've got to start getting to know your teacher and her working style all over again. Over the past two weeks, I 've begun to know some of you better and hopefully more of you in the weeks to come. From my observation, I believe that all of you have it in you to be good and successful pupils. Let us work together this year to ensure that you are well-prepared for the challenges ahead. Remember, I'm with you in every step of the way. So work hard, play hard and success will come your way! :)

Best wishes,
Miss Rahimah


  1. Miss Rahimah,
    I agree with you and will TRY my best to get a VERY HIGH T-score for PSLE.This year is my last year in Anderson,I WILL give it my best shot !I will make my parents proud and prove to my mother that I am better than she thinks I am!!!
    (By the way,what a nice looking class blog!)

  2. Miss Rahimah, have I told you that my blog's address. If not, the blogger address is:

    Thanks and bye!

  3. Miss Rahimah, my blog address is

    By the way, i think u will need a chatbox....

    Jiamin :D

  4. From now onwards,i will study very very hard to achieve my goals...


  5. Hi. Miss Rahimah, my blog URL is

  6. well i think i will do my best and work towards my goal of 226 points
    and my blog url is
    p.s can i please change seat with cystal please